Scraper Mats

Scraper mats are used for either outdoor or indoor entrances and aggressively scrape dirt, debris and snow from shoes. Debris is trapped beneath the surface of the mat. Studies show that 70%-80% of the dirt and debris in a facility comes through the front door. When used in conjunction with a wiper or wiper/scraper mat, Crown’s scraper mats help stop dirt at the door. Check the products below for the best scraper mat.

Commercial Clean Machine Mat #110 3X5
Commercial Clean Machine Mat #110 3X5 - CA3E35
Price: $169.81 
Diamond-Deluxe Duet Mat #125 3X5
Diamond-Deluxe Duet Mat #125 3X5 - DXMB35
Price: $130.60 
Diamond-Deluxe Duet Mat #125 4X6
Diamond-Deluxe Duet Mat #125 4X6 - DXMB46
Price: $208.96 
Finger-Tip Mat 36
Finger-Tip Mat 36"x72" - FTS672
Price: $114.32 
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