Envision Toilet Paper - 14580
Envision® 1-Ply Bathroom Tissue

Envision® 1-Ply Bathroom Tissue

Environmentally concerned customers appreciate our reliable, Envision 1-Ply bath tissue because it exceeds EPA guidelines for minimum post consumer recycled fiber and is composed of 95% plus recycled fiber. Georgia-Pacific Envision is an excellent solution for education, government, tax supported and other facilities that are sensitive to environmental concerns..  Single-ply EPA Compliant Base Sheet Meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for post consumer recycled fiber content for environmentally concerned customers.  Affordable Quality For the look of quality your employees, guests, or tenants will appreciate.  Perfect Size Case Allows for easier handling and storage. 80 Rolls of 1,210 Sheets/Case. Sheet Size: 4.500" x 4.050"
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