BigFold C-Fold Paper Towel - 20887
BigFold Z® Premium C-Fold Replacement Paper Towels

BigFold Z® Premium C-Fold Replacement Paper Towels

BigFold C-Fold Paper Towel - 20887 with a new emboss that shouts quality, hand-performance, and hand comfort fit into existing C-Fold and multifold dispensers (with no adapter required) to provide a premium, cost-saving C-Fold substitute. This towel's unique fold allows for reliable, touchless dispensing of one fully-opened, absorbent towel, which reduces the number of towels used as well as the risk of cross-contamination. BigFold Z outperforms C-Fold towels by reducing waste and decreasing costs for an economical solution you can count on..  New High Quality Emboss.  Generous Size (11 inches long, bigger than imitation C-Fold replacements and lower performing multifolds) Reduces waste by up to 40%.  Touchless Dispensing Reduces risk of cross contamination.  Fits Standard C-Fold Dispensers Without Alteration No cost to convert. 12 Packages of 184 Towels. Towel Size: 10.250" x 11.000"
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