Signature Multifold Paper Towel - 21000
Signature® 2-Ply Premium Multifold Paper Towels

Signature® 2-Ply Premium Multifold Paper Towels

Signature towels let you pamper your guests, tenants and customers with the ultimate in luxury. These multifold towels feature our patented honeycomb emboss that adds a touch of elegance to any washroom, while two thick and thirsty plies offer super absorbency with every hand dry. (Folded width: 3 1/4") (Not Available in Canada). • Thick & Thirsty Piles This customer-preferred towel offers more absorbency with every hand dry.  Upscale Packaging Designer packaging makes a statement of elegance and coordinates with bath and facial tissue products.  Unique Patented Emboss Customer-preferred patented honeycomb pattern creates thick, luxurious softness. 16 Packages of 125/Case. 9.250" x 9.500"
SKU: 21000
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